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About Us

Providing you complete safeguard is our continuous target;
We take the lead in obtaining ISO9001:2000 QUALITY SYSTEM CERTIFICATE in labor-protection field in China;
We acquire CERTIFICATE OF SAFE PRODUCING OF SPECIAL LABOR-PROTCTION PRODUCTS issued by the relevant government department;
We gain SHANGHAI SPECIAL LABOR-PROTECTION PRODUCTS APPOINTED SALES CERTIFICATE also issued by the relevant government department;
We are issued as CONTRACT-ABIDING &TRUSTWORTY & AAA LEVEL Company by relevant department.

SHANGHAI XINMIN LABOR-PROTECTION PRODUCTS CO. Ltd. is a professional enterprise, which is specialized in developing, manufacturing and selling all kinds of labor-protection products. With half a century’s development, we have established two famous brand-name “Shanghai” and “Anfang”. Considering the difference of the body type and that of the labor place, safe belt, brand-name “Shanghai” is good at making safe net, concentrated eye net, safe ropes, high-altitude fall protected equipment, high-altitude washing products; while brand-name “Anfang” does well in doing anti-flame, anti-acid and anti- static working clothes, working gloves and working shoes. All of them are applied to architecture, electricity, telecom, ironing, shipbuilding, port affairs, petrifaction and mining. Life is the most previous, while safety is the most important. XinMin ensures your safety and safeguard your life. Our pioneer innovation ideas, modern manufacture inspection line, and perfect quantity systems shall provide you complete safeguarding, especially the new developed safe belts technology has already reached the European Standard. Our company shall be an intimate partner to you, which offers whole course of products’ consultation, technical training and customer service. 

Address: 1604A Tongyong Building No.1346 Gonghexin Road Shanghai
Code : 200070
Tel. for Service:021-63807147  Tel/Fax:021-63800480 
Website: E-mail:[email protected]

SHANGHAI XINMIN LABOR-PROTECTION PRODUCTS CO. Ltd ALL RIGHT     Address: 1604A Tongyong Building No.1346 Gonghexin Road Shanghai

TEL:021-63807147   FAX:021-63800480   E-mail:[email protected]   ZIP:200070   沪ICP备05040991号
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