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How to put on a harness correctly

.1、 hold harness by dack D-ring,Shake
harness to allow all straps to fall in place

2、 If chest,leg andlor waist straps are buckled,release straps and unbuckle
at this time

3、 Slip straps over shoulders so D-ring
is located in middle of back between
shoulder blades

4、 Pull leg strap between legs and connect
to oppsite end.Repeat with second leg strap.
If belted harness,connect waist strap after leg straps

5、 Connect chest strap and position in
midchest area.Tighten to keep shoulder
straps taut.If harness has black elastic strap,
thread strap through final slot to secure it.

6、 After all straps have been buckled,
tighten all straps so that harness fits snug
but allous full range of movement.Pass
excess strap through loop keeper

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